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Universal Transponder Test Harness

  • Compatible with twenty (20) different panel-mount transponders, from six manufacturers.

  • Manufactured to Garmin specs for full-function testing in accordance with the Garmin maintenance manuals for the GTX 327/330.

  • PC Interface for easy software upgrades and data transfers.

  • Simulates discrete inputs for ‘Weight-on-Wheels’, ‘External-Standby’, ‘External-Ident’, and ‘Avionics Master Monitor’.

  • Tip-Jacks to monitor: Switched Power and Alt -Alert, outputs and dimmer, suppression, power, and GND inputs.

  • Current-sensing temperature probe inputs for testing probe inputs to the Garmin GTX330.

  • Audio phone-jack for monitoring, adjusting, and testing the Garmin GTX 330 audio outputs.

  • Power monitor light to monitor VDC input.

  • Mode-C emulation switches for testing encoder inputs.

  • 429/RS233 loop-back switches for testing the Data-buss outputs/inputs on the Garmin GTX330.

  • Manufactured with rugged aluminum powered-coated case.

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