Up Coming Training events

Pitot-Static/Transponder and ADS-B Training

Sat., Feb 20th 2021

San Luis Obispo, Calif. @ San Luis Avionics, Inc.

on the San Luis Obispo County Airport

Hours: Begins 08:30 AM


  • Eight (8) hours of F.A.A. accepted training.

  • Training seminar at my facility (San Luis Avionics).

  • Power-Point presentation.

  • Training material is provided.

  • Training certificate provided at class completion.

  • Complete hands on demonstration using mock-up aircraft panel.

  • Includes the transponder certification and tune-up class.

  • For more info contact Don: E-Mail or phone:  (805) 783-0430

Coming Up

AEA Headquarters  Lee's Summit , MO Training 2021

Primary Flight Display Installation and Integration Training

Jan 13th - Jan 15th

Bench Basics 

Jan -18th - Jan 19th

Nav/Com Flightline troubleshooting and Bench service

Jan 20th

Transponder Flightline troubleshooting and bench service

Jan 21st

Pitot-Static & Transponder Testing and Inspection with ADS-B Implementation

Jan 22nd

Contact the AEA  ( 816-347-8400 ) to schedule training at AEA HQ.

On-Site PST 101 Pitot-Static Training Available


Contact us for on-site Pitot-Static Training for up to 10 individuals at your location.

Great for operators wanting to train multiple technicians on performing the certification task.


E-Mail: dwdominguez@gmail.com