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The SS-1-BB

Vacuum Assisted

static adapter system


The perfect static adapter for light GA aircraft, including Beech, Cessna, Mooney, and Piper.

The unit requires a 110 VAC input and includes a 12 VDC battery backup, vacuum pump, and an AC voltage monitor-alarm.


The unit comes complete with a lightweight waterproof case, adapter head, and accessories.

Price: $ 1,649.00


Integrated Avionics Test Panel

Certifying Garmin GNS430-530 just got easier

  •  Manufactured to Garmin Specs for function testing in accordance with        Garmin Maintenance Manuals for the GNS430W-530W series.

  •  Compatible with most major GPS-NAV-COM’s

  •  Expand your capabilities and increase productivity

  • Buss Power

  • Push-Button Response

  • Rotary Knobs

  • Data Card Test

  • Photo Cell

  • Lighting-AC

  • Lighting-DC

  • Memory Battery 

  • Display Pattern Test 

  • Display Level Test 

  • Keyboard LED DIM Test 

  • GPS Antenna Bias 

  • GPS Signal 

  • Time Mark Output

Call for Info - 805-801-7018


Universal Transponder Test Harness

Universal Transponder Test Harness

  • Compatible with twenty (20) different panel-mount transponders, from six manufacturers.

  • Manufactured to Garmin specs for full-function testing in accordance with the Garmin maintenance manuals for the GTX 327/330.

  • PC Interface for easy software upgrades and data transfers.

  • Simulates discrete inputs for ‘Weight-on-Wheels’, ‘External-Standby’, ‘External-Ident’, and ‘Avionics Master Monitor’.

  • Tip-Jacks to monitor: Switched Power and Alt -Alert, outputs and dimmer, suppression, power, and GND inputs.

  • Current-sensing temperature probe inputs for testing probe inputs to the Garmin GTX330.

  • Audio phone-jack for monitoring, adjusting, and testing the Garmin GTX 330 audio outputs.

  • Power monitor light to monitor VDC input.

  • Mode-C emulation switches for testing encoder inputs.

  • 429/RS233 loop-back switches for testing the Data-buss outputs/inputs on the Garmin GTX330.

  • Manufactured with rugged aluminum powered-coated case.

Call for Info - 805-801-7018


Encoder Substitution

• No need to pull the equipment for troubleshooting
• Plug-compatible with ACK-A30, Transcal, SSD120, D120-P2T, KEA 129/130, Ameriking, AK-350, Terra 3000, Narco AR850, Sandia SAE35)
• Convenient 6-foot patch-cable to systems being tested.
• Continuity test of all mode-C grey-code lines
• Checks for power and ground with handy voltage monitor-light
• Checks polarity with the power monitor-light
• Breakout tip-jacks to monitor power, GND, RS232 output-lines and heater ground inputs.
• Rugged aluminum powder-coated case

Call Info 805-801-7018

RVSM Test Gear

DPST- 3500 M

Precision Digital Pitot Static Test Set. Dual channel test set provides regulated total Pitot (PT) pressure and Static (PS) pressure outputs to simulate Attitude, Airspeed, Vertical Speed, and Mach parameters. Can be used in laboratory environments to calibrate Air Data instruments and various vacuum and pressure gauges. 



DPST-9200A - Test aircraft for the new regulated RVSM Pitot / Static Inspections, with the automated touch-screen version.

DPST-7200A - Allows you to easily test each aircraft for the 91.411 Pitot / Static Inspections using the automated touch-screen version. 





DPST-8000M - Allows you to easily test each aircraft for the new regulated RVSM Pitot / Static Inspections, the manual touch-screen version. 

DPST-5000M - Allows you to easily test each aircraft for the 91.411 Pitot / Static Inspections using the manual touch-screen version.

ZSAY-3 - This pitot-Static Adapter has pivoting legs and suction cups to accommodate various types of aircraft and helicopters. 

Call for Info - 805-801-7018


PSTA-80 Training Aid

Transponder and Pitot-Static System Certification

The PSTA-80 is a portable, self-contained, workstation for training in transponder and pitot-static system certification.

The welded-steel PSTA-80 chassis is plumbed with static-port and pitot-tube, using aircraft-approved fittings.

The PSTA-80 includes:

  • New Altimeter

  • New V.S.I.

  • New Airspeed Indicator

  • Blind-Encoder

  • Collins transponder


Powered by 14V-DC, injected through a side-mounted 'banana-style' power receptacle


A bulkhead RF-connector is wired to the transponder test-set connection


The system comes complete and ready for training.

List Price:   $4,995.00

Rack N' Stack

A modular Panel-Mount system

Create a well organized and flexible workbench by securing your test panels to a sturdy aluminum cabinet.

  • Designed for a ‘standard’ 19-inch test-panel

  • Lightweight/Heavy-Gauge aluminum w/ powder-coat finish

  • Drilled for Horizontal and Vertical ‘stacking’

Connector Kits

Radioman offers a growing line of connector kits at exceptional cost savings.

Please phone or e-mail  for more info.

  • CK-76A  (for KT76A)

  • CK-76 (for KT-76)

  • CK-150 (for Narco AT-150)

  • CK-950 (for Collins TDR950)

  • CK208/209 (for King KI208/209)

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