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Radioman Avionics is owned and operated by Mr. Don Dominguez.

Don trained in the U.S. Army signal-corps as an avionics navigation and flight control systems technician with specialization with the AH64, OH58, UH1, UH60’s, and AH1.

Post military service In 1998, Don and a partner started their own avionics business at SBP, named “San Luis Avionics”. While managing his shop, Don recognized the usefulness of new designs in avionics test equipment, and soon designed and manufactured a line of test equipment under the name “MOBILTECH”.

Starting in April 2006, Don announced a separate avionics business under the name “Radioman Avionics”.

Radioman Avionics offers innovative avionics test equipment for sale as well as F.A.A. accepted training programs for avionics technicians.

Don welcomes ideas, questions, and requests for new avionics tools, as well as doing his best to offer an excellent selection of avionics products.


For more info contact Don at: E-Mail or phone at (805) 801-7018

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