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PSTA-80 Pitot-Static Training Aid

Transponder and Pitot-Static System Certification

The PSTA-80 is a portable, self-contained, workstation for training in transponder and pitot-static system certification.

The welded-steel PSTA-80 chassis is plumbed with static-port and pitot-tube, using aircraft-approved fittings

The PSTA-80 includes:

  • New Altimeter

  • New V.S.I.

  • New Airspeed Indicator

  • Blind-Encoder

  • Collins transponder


Powered by 14VDC, injected through a side-mounted 'banana-style' power receptacle.

A bulkhead RF-connector is wired to the transponder test-set connection.

The system comes complete and ready for training.

List Price:   $4,995.00

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