Integrated Avionics Test Panel

Certifying Garmin GNS430-530 just got easier

• Manufactured to Garmin Specs for function testing in accordance with Garmin      Maintenance Manuals for the GNS430W-530W series.

• Compatible with most major GPS-NAV-COM’s

• Expand your capabilities and increase productivity

Power Requirements: 120 VDC 60 HZ Input

Internal 28 VDC Power Supply Built in 10 Amp Load Capability

Size: 13” x 19” x 9.5”

Weight: 13.5 lbs

  • Unit Level Tests:

    Buss Power
    Push-Button Response
    Rotary Knobs
    Data Card Test
    Photo Cell
    Memory Battery
    Display Pattern Test
    Display Level Test
    Keyboard LED DIM Test
    GPS Antenna Bias
    GPS Signal
    Time Mark Output